reimagining the future of emerging cities and their slums



Utopia is opening a series of urban design studios to create a new paradigm for slums in this century.

Utopia is laying the groundwork to open an interconnected network of urban design firms across the globe to thoughtfully rethink our slums and their cities. And then produce and scale the solutions. We aim to emerge global patterns on the global slum issue.

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San Francisco

San Francisco Mothership

The Mothership was established in San Francisco, a city full of designers and technologists and dreamers. The Mothership provides strategic alignment and platform services to the global network of studios. 


Ulaanbaatar Studio

Utopia Studio Ulaanbaatar

The first studio has launched in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. 60% of the population lives in the informal ger districts of the city. 


Kathmandu Studio

Utopia Studio Kathmandu

The second studio has launched in Kathmandu, Nepal. Tapping into the local youth energy and budding innovation movement, the Kathmandu Studio is incubating social enterprise startups that generate Slums 2.0 solutions for slumdwellers. 


Rio Studio

Utopia Studio Rio de Janeiro

Utopia is establishing an urban innovation lab in Rio de Janeiro, the symbolic capital of slums in Latin America. This is the first location to test out our CITYLab platform approach as an urban venture studio for slums and their cities.