urban innovation for emerging cities
urban innovation for emerging cities

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Press Kit



Utopia is an urban innovation group building an urban ecosystem for emerging cities and their slums. We are establishing a network of CITYLabs (urban venture studios) across Africa, Asia, and Latin America to build and back urban startups that make cities better for the many, not just the few.

Connect with us at press@utopia.do. We’re always happy to chat about our company or about the future of cities more generally.



Press Releases

September 4, 2019

African cities will double in population by 2050 and Utopia has a plan to help shape that urban future

Today Utopia announced they are launching a 2020 Africa Megacity Prize to back the next generation of urban innovators from Africa who will define the future of African cities. These urban innovators will be supported by Utopia’s efforts to establish a network of urban venture studios called CITYLabs to help shape Africa’s positive urban future.




We were formed around 2016 after a decade working in cities in Asia. We are a distributed organization with our mothership based in San Francisco. Utopia is led by four partners - Jonathan Hursh, Marco Brandao, Dori Nguyen and Emmanuel Adegboye. Collectively, our team is a mix of entrepreneurs, designers, urbanists, technologists, behavioral scientists, futurists and lots of zero gravity thinkers on cities. 

Our core work is building an urban ecosystem for emerging cities and their slums by establishing a network of CITYLabs across Africa, Asia and Latin America. We aim to become the go-to group for emerging cities.


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Other Key Links

African cities will double in population by 2050 (World Economic Forum)


The urban center of the world is radically restructuring itself. What new models of urban living could emerge out of these highly dynamic environments? What does a city with 88 million people look and feel like?

Jonathan Hursh, Founding Partner of Utopia

It’s almost inevitable that critical infrastructure will need to be built to support Africa’s urban future. We are super excited to be supporting the entrepreneurs putting in the work now to build the future Africa deserves.

Emmanuel Adegboye, Managing Partner of Utopia Lagos

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Jonathan Hursh | Founding Partner | Utopia

Emmanuel Adegboye | Managing Partner | Utopia Lagos

Dori Nguyen | Managing Partner | Utopia Kathmandu

Marco Brandao | Managing Partner | Utopia Rio