urban innovation for emerging cities
urban innovation for emerging cities


How might we help youth transform their slums?

How might we help youth transform their slums?

What would it look like to establish a network of SLUMLabs as innovation labs anchored in slums that can accelerate fresh solutions through design, technology and entrepreneurship?

Futurecasting Slums
May 19 | Saturday | 9am
Utopia Studio | 643 Mission Street | San Francisco


Many slums in cities across Latin America, Asia, and Africa are outside the formal system and yet one third of humanity is soon to live in a slum. Cities are at a breaking point and slums are stuck. Yet  the informality of slums creates a white space in which a new vision for urban living could emerge. The formal city could learn much from their informal communities. Join Utopia and DXLabs in a Futurecasting Sprint to imagine the future of slums with leading designers, engineers, and changemakers in Silicon Valley and Rio de Janeiro.

The Futurecasting Sprint presents the opportunity to take a step back and think deeply about our moonshot. It's a process for crafting long-term vision using science fiction and connects it with actions we can take today.

We'll attempt to run the futurecasting sprints simultaneously between Rio and San Francisco with a lot of interaction between the two teams throughout the day. Fingers crossed. Learn about DXLabs' Futurecasting Sprint process here.

Agenda (PST)

Welcome @ 9am
Introductions and logistics, light snacks

Discovery @ 9:30am
Team from Rio de Janeiro frames problem space

Frame @ 10:30am
Moonshot goal statement, assumptions

Inspiration @ 11:30am
Presentation on technologies, trends, or behaviors that might influence our problem space (lunch break)

Futurecasting @ 12:30pm
Conceptual ideation, unpack societal impact with science fiction narrative

Retrocasting @ 2:00pm
Map out by risks on timeline and identify experiments

Prototype @ 3:00pm
Describe short-term experiment and next steps

Jonathan HurshUtopia