urban innovation for emerging cities
urban innovation for emerging cities



We believe emerging cities and their slums can create a new urban future for the world


Cities are at a
breaking point.

And yet they are our future. Our good future. Slums in cities across Asia and Africa are in squalor. And yet one third of humanity is soon to live in a slum. Cities are at a breaking point and slums are stuck.

Status quo.

Sustainable. Walkable. Livable. These words are easily thrown about these days. Yet the normal formal city is quite calcified. It’s heavy and clunky and inflexible. Formal cities today can't easily absorb the more recent radical possibilities that are emerging. There is a possibility to emerge a new way of urban living.

The unexpected.

City leaders across Asia and Africa are looking around for solutions for their cities. What if they found them in the most unlikely of places — their slums? The informality of slums creates a white space in which a new vision for urban living could emerge.


What if we took what’s been seen as the greatest deficit of a slum - their informality - and turned it on its head to see it as their greatest asset?


We’re converting slums into next generation microcities.

Microcities that are more livable, more human scale, more lightweight. Microcities that are a better fit for this century. Microcities that are a place for everyone to thrive.


What happens when the world’s largest concentration of people is given exactly what they need to prosper economically and socially within the cities they call home?